About Us

Capillary Consulting offers a broad range of consultation services delivering effective, influential and sustainable change through a new kind of collaborative consultation that puts the client at the centre of the engagement and optimizes organizational functioning.

Our collaborative approach values ‘partnering to discover solutions’ over ‘one-size-fits-all methodologies’.  We take clients on a journey of self-discovery and, through developing a thorough understanding of their organisation and situation, apply the right elements of proven successful change models to capitalize on opportunities and find innovative possibilities even in difficult situations.

Our approach is a tailor made engagement for each and every client, through which we are able to reflect on what has happened, learn from what’s currently happening, to flourish into the future.

What’s in a name?

The Capillary name comes from both a scientific and human focused approach to change. A capillary is the smallest vessel through which blood flows in the human body, reaching the limits of the body and so enabling it to be effective. The capillary motion or capillary action occurs when a small vessel or tube is able to move liquid beyond the space it is surrounded by – gaining greater potential. Both of these meanings combine to reinforce our belief that successful human focused change needs a scientific and human appreciation within the same goals.

Vision and Mision

Everyone has the capability to improve. Some need to be nudged, some coaxed, and some need to find the right fuel for their spark!

Our Vision

Inspire organizations and people to release their potential and successfully navigate change

Our Mission

Providing holistic change management, leadership and organizational development through creative consulting, coaching and learning experiences

Our Values

1. We are non-judgmental and inclusive giving everyone care and access

2. We are authentic, giving agency and empowerment

3. We are continuously learning, having the courage to be playful

4. We are non-conforming and progressive

5. We are building relationships that impact communities

Rich Batchelor

Chief Change Agent
Rich has been successfully delivering change for over 25 years. He has worked with organizations across all parts of the globe and it a strong advocate for balancing physical and virtual connectivity with clients. His legacy includes developing the change delivery model for UK government and being a founding member and first president of the Toronto Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals. He has a masters in change management and is a certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator & Workshop Designer. He is also certified in Project Management, Process improvement (Lean Six Sigma) , HR, Coaching, Counseling and Psychotherapy.

A little about who I am:

I enjoy working on … transformational change projects that really get under the cultural skin of an organization to maximize the potential of the people who work there for the betterment of the services delivered.

I feel a sense of achievement when … I get buy in from someone who has been resisting a change or even fighting against it, but realises the need for the change.

I would describe my work ethic as … industrious challenging and not afraid to be different.

I am always challenged when … I get asked by an employee if they can opt out of the change or what are the options to not get involved?

I want to do more … spreading the word for change management, leadership and organizational development.

People who know me would describe me as … passionate about change and making change management more accessible.

My greatest success is … that people know and respect me for my views and passion for change management.

In 5 years I want to be … writing more books, sharing my knowledge and nurturing new generations to embrace change management.

Simone Sloan

DEI Consultant & Facilitator
Simone Sloan is an experienced executive strategist and coach. Her mantra is voice, power, and confidence. She helps business professionals find their voice, step into their power, and have the confidence to execute their greatness. An entrepreneur herself, Simone understands all the challenges that come from running a business. She honed her business skills in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries after getting an MBA and working in the pharmaceutical/biotech/healthcare world. She’s managed cross-functional teams and held roles in marketing, communications, medical affairs, sales, and global business strategy.
I want to do more … work with progressive organisations really struggling with major contemporary global challenges: climate change, the migration to renewables, the disruption of emergent technologies

Asma Kenshil

Associate Change Consultant & Facilitator
Change | Consciousness | Community | Culture + Emotional Intelligence | Social Innovation + Justice

Nik Beeson

Associate Change Consultant & Facilitator
Nik has a specialisation, and a long history in, Digital Communications. Previously the Web Director of the Canadian Music Centre and the Digital Communications Coordinator of KAIROS Canada (a fast paced international human rights org) he has plenty of experience bringing the fast moving migratory world of digital technology to bear in organisational culture.
Through early experience as a hospital chaplain, street & mental health work, and palliative care, and through graduate studies in Systems and Addiction Theory, Nik has cultivated a compassionate, sophisticated and pragmatic approach to identity, limitation and transformation which he applies to his change work with individuals and organisations. Nik is a Professional Coach, a Certified Change Agent, a member of the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and of the Web of Change, an international network of leaders working at the frontiers of digital communications technology and social change. A little about who I am: I enjoy working on … collaboratively inquiring to discover new transformative approaches to difficult challenges. I feel a sense of achievement when … the people I’m working with feel enthusiastic about the process they’re engaged in, confident in the directions they’re heading in, and affirmed by the progress they’re making. I would describe my work ethic as … collaborative, insightful, curious, and tenacious. I am always challenged when … I encounter power being used to cling on to a toxic status quo, hiding what the real challenges are and choking out fresh and intelligent initiatives. I want to do more … work with progressive organisations really struggling with major contemporary global challenges: climate change, the migration to renewables, the disruption of emergent technologies. Email me: nik@capillaryconsulting.com

Shawn Draisey

Associate Change Consultant & Facilitator
Shawn Draisey is a CCA graduate Feb 2017 cohort and has been involved with Capillary Consulting since 2016. He has been active with the Toronto chapter of ACMP 2016-2018, Toronto Change Days (2019 workshop facilitator, 2020 program selection committee) as well as supporting the global change days movement. Shawn is one of the co-founders of the Toronto Church of Change along with being a Glocomnet facilitator of the FAUC Framework and is an active member in the Toronto Chapter of VUCA Canvas practitioners.

Shawn has an educational background in Career Development and has worked day jobs in corporate recruitment, not for profit career development and executive search/head hunting.  At current his educational pursuits are TOC (Theory of Constraints), Blue Ocean Shift, Design Thinking and PMI CAPM designation.

His mantra for change is to pay attention, ask questions, have fun, use imagination and be conscious of your values.

Brenda Holdsworth

Coming Soon


Curiosity Culture

Curiosity is our most useful aptitude & motivation for navigating & instigating disruptive and transformative change. Curiosity Culture offers consultation, coaching, presentations & workshops to cultivate & foster a culture of curiosity.

Your Choice Coach

Capillary is pleased to partner with this dynamic New York based consultancy, that promotes Diversity Equity and Inclusion within organizations through impactful facilitation, education and learning journeys.

PICTURE YOUR THOUGHTS Live Time Graphic Recording

Capillary Consulting Inc. has been delighted to work with Charlotte Young, lead at Picture your Thoughts, for live graphic recording at our workshops. Providing an opportunity to capture the current, with a flair for the memorable, graphic recording provides that visual stimulus to enhance the learning experience.