Change Fingerprint ®

Anyone familiar with the William Bridges model of transitioning knows every change begins with loss and how our brains process loss, or grieve, is unique to the individual. One hundred people can go through the same change and each one will experience it differently. It is as unique as our fingerprints.

The Change Fingerprint© framework, developed by Jacqueline Kappers, gives insight into one’s unique profile of how they respond and transition through change. It gives insight to the unique signals your brain gives you when it perceives change-with-loss as well as the specific types of losses that bother you and why. In creates awareness of the unique barriers (that you may not be aware of) that prevent you from processing and transitioning healthily and quickly, and you’ll discover specific tools that enable you to adapt comfortably.

The Change Fingerprint© framework, is a personal roadmap for dealing with change, especially changes that trigger the adaptive response (aka grief) and what you need to transition through it. Knowing yours, and being aware that others have one too, won’t stop change from happening but it will empower you to transition through changes at work, and at home, with more confidence, competence, and comfort.