Why you should use Change Management

I have been asked a number of times to describe what a business gets from using a change management professional. Often they see the role of a project manager as the person to deliver everything. اين يلعب راموس Of course they are right; they will deliver or at least should get as close to delivering as possible. كلاب سلوقية But what they deliver will be the product or end result determined within the project scope. How that affects everyone and how the business can take this on board in the best way is a challenge. A challenge for the change manager to accept!

I personally believe that all projects should have change managers. Why you ask? Let me explain….

Every company has a significant overhead cost in paying salaries, work space costs and other associated payments for having their workforce. For many companies it will be the single biggest charge in their financial accounts. It is important to maximise the return you get from this cost.

How do you maximise this return? You minimise the amount of dead time – or wasted time; the times when you are paying the people for effectively doing nothing. دانى الفز Now, there are some of those times you can do little about – a trip to the bathroom, meal breaks and general refreshment times. However, think about the last time you changed something – how much time was lost with endless discussions between people in the office? How many people questioned your motives? How did you approach the communications? Did the employees and managers know how to function after the change? Did this make it easier or harder for future changes?

This is where I see the benefits of including a change management professional.

  • They get adoption of a change within the workplace much quicker.
  • They help to target the most effective means of training.
  • They work on getting the right communications at the right time to the right people.
  • They create a culture of change acceptance.

What does this mean for a business?

Reduced costs for bringing in this change, improved productivity following the change and greater willingness to take on future changes.

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