Seven Reasons to Become a Certified Change Agent

Since I launched my certified change agent (CCA) program one of the most common questions I get asked is “why should I do this”. ivermectina preço farmácia popular curitiba I usually explain what the learning includes, key take aways etc. but I have now taken a little time to put together something more structured. Here are the seven reason to become a CCA.

  1. Gain an understanding of the impact of change on people, their likely reactions to the change and how to effectively work with them to adopt or implement the change.
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  2. Learn what change management is all about and when, where and how to use it most effectively for successful change events to take place.
  3. Learn what it means when you take on a change agent role and get insight into the many different types and roles that require individuals to act as change agent. ivermectin solubility
  4. Understand the role of a change leader and how leadership plays an intrinsic part of successfully delivering change events.
  5. Learn from my own experience, spanning over twenty years in the field, with real life insight and discussion from the many change events I have successfully delivered.
  6. Get an internationally recognized qualification accredited by international professional bodies with pre-approved professional credits. ivermectin heartworm treatment for dogs
  7. Be part of a vibrant network of individuals going through the same experiences as yourself who can share experiences and take the opportunity to connect physically and virtually to explore not just the certification program but also how they have dealt with (or are currently experiencing) many change events.

For me these are the key benefits to becoming a CCA. 

There are many other reasons that are personal to each individual who attends. I have been told it has given attendees renewed confidence with colleagues, helped them to appreciate and manage their investment of personal energy in projects and enhance career opportunities.certified

I encourage attendees to develop their own personal learning experience from within the framework of the program, each will be unique but equally applicable to develop themselves as a change agent.

I look forward to seeing you as part of a future program.

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