The Real Reasons to become a Certified Change Agent (CCA) – maybe!

So my last post was a little saccharine coated in terms of the reasoning to do the certification but having had some feedback I decided to bring this post up a few weeks. I’m not totally in agreement with all these reasons but given the feedback I had here’s why your boss, compatriot or you should think about doing the CCA.

  1. Many employers will only pay for training that gives a certification or similar credential. Having detectivebeen certified as a change agent or claiming HRPA or SHRM renewal credential will meet this need.
  2. Recruiters and hiring managers all want to see qualifications and set their applicant systems to look for various acronyms. Unfortunately it’s too easy for recruiters to disqualify capability if they can’t see some letters that confirm you can do something – in their eyes!
  3. A credential of this nature does reflect application of knowledge not just attendance at an event. azitromicina y ivermectina
  4. Connections are key to building your professional network so having the opportunity to spend time either personally or virtually with like minds will help build this.
  5. You genuinely will learn about the change experience for individuals and organizations to grow your capacity to deal with change. is ivermectin a prescription medication
  6. It meets international standards which allows it to be internationally recognized.
  7. It gives a sense of achievement and recognition of taking time to study often while working and balancing home life commitments.

I don’t personally agree with the desire for qualifications on everything. It is not the only way of knowing someone can do something. Similarly I do recognize it demonstrates focused achievement and dedication to succeed, but needs to be used in combination with other things.

open boxI really wish employers would balance their need for certification, credentials and qualifications ‎with experience and proven competence but this is the world we live in. I would also love to see movement away from industry specific or geographic specific experience. I assure you that having worked in a broad base of locations and organizations you are not as unique as you think! Its a big box of tools to use and the same toolbox works in most situations!

Reflecting on the above, maybe both blog posts have a place in the reasoning to do the CCA, just that this second post is more transparent than the first! ivermectina sistema nervoso central

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